the fast lane to the high life


Garrison Lane is an LA based cannabis lifestyle brand with award-winning strains like

The Billy Kimber OG, The Kimber Cannon pre-rolls and 40 Elephants. We are known for our exceptional high-end cannabis products. Our signature flower and pre-rolls hold incredible awards with distinctions from High Times and celebrity fans such as Juicy J, Lil Wayne, OVO, Rob Stone and several others.

Since its inception, Garrison Lane has taken the industry by storm.  The quality OG has been a main disrupter for the cannabis industry, bringing back flavors reminiscent of the 90s; flavors believed to be virtually dead and long missed by seasoned smokers. The Billy Kimber OG is bringing that back to life. 

Our anchoring in weed culture runs over 30+ years and inspires everything from the brand to the quality of the grow. It is the heart behind the science of our award-winning flower quality and unique vintage graphics.  We believe this is the foundation for our loyal grassroots following across all social media platforms.